Libertarian Party Candidate for Iowa House of Representatives in Des Moines

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My name is Jocelyn Fry, and I'd like to represent you and the Libertarian Party in the Iowa House of Representatives.
I'm no politician. I'm not interested in power. I'm a homeschooling mom looking to reduce government in every area of our lives.
Only you know what's best for you and your family. I believe life is what you make it.
Let's end the drug war and stop filling jails senselessly.

Let's protect educational freedom and end the state's monopoly on education.

Let's protect the right to raise our children without government mandates.
Let's eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship, expunge taxes, and remove the state's hand from your wallet by way of unfair fees, fines, and licensure.
I am pro life, pro gun, and pro-liberty.

Please join me in my fight towards a liberated Iowa.

For Freedom with Sincerity,
Jocelyn Fry for Iowa House District 35

elect a libertarian candidate in des moines

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Life is what you make it.